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Cut Some Nice Corners Today

July 3rd, 2007 at 07:46 pm

DisneySteve made a comment today that he knows someone who goes to a convenience store to buy milk...even though he over pays by .50 he really saves because he doesn't buy other unexpected items.

I took his advice to heart today. I needed to refill our propane gas tank for the forth of July; I also needed diapers, milk and a new collar for our cat--the old one broke off one night while she roamed the streets.

It was my plan to conveniently go to Home Depot and to Target...two stores that get me to overspend every time. Instead I went to Petco for the collar and new tag ($14). The collar was .30 more than Target, but over all a much cheaper shopping trip (I never leave Target for under $100). I went to a mom and pop boat store for the propane gas and actually spent much much less for the gas than at Home Depot as they refill your empty tank for 1/2 the price as a tank exchange...you just have to wait 10 mins--for 1/2 the price I had time). I was stoked! I saved almost $15! Not to mention the $85 I saved by not buying "no needs" at Target!

I went to Albertsons for the store brand bulk diapers and 2 gallons of soy milk which I just discovered is cheaper than Vons.

Unexpected Money

July 1st, 2007 at 09:14 pm

Found 2 checks in unopened mail we just received today from our escrow that closed in April.

The first was for $35.00; The second was for $375.00!

$400.00 going towards the credit cards!!! yeah!

Getting my husband on board 7/1

July 1st, 2007 at 09:45 am

I didn't spend any money yesterday thank goodness. However, I really have to get my husband to join in on this savings plan with me--he spent about $100 yesterday on a boogie board and wet suit that he'll probably only use 3 more times this summer! I haven't yet told him what I'm doing as I want to make sure I can really commit to this! Not that I really have a choice. From what I understand, it takes about 3 weeks to start and really commit to a new routine. I hope thats true!

So far today I'm doing pretty well. We have friends in from out of town. Usually in the mornings we go to breakfast at a restaurant. I skipped the restaurant for financial and dietary reasons...however I used my youngest fussy daughter as an excuse. My husband and other daughter still went, but still it is a savings of about $15 for my breakfast alone. So that's good!

La Salsa Lunch 6/29

June 29th, 2007 at 02:12 pm

Today I was hungry. I passed La Salsa...craved their shrimp burrito and passed it up. 1 because I promise to cut fast food out of my life for dietary reasons and 2 because I made a pledge to save $20 a week and I know fast food is a money drain. Instead of spending I came home and ate a low fat left over Top Ramen instead of letting it go bad. I saved about 300 calories and about $8.00!

Hula Hoop Plus 1 6/29

June 29th, 2007 at 02:06 pm

After I talked myself down from a Party City 4th of July spending spree, I found myself in CVS pharmacy picking up some photos I had dropped off the day before. My daughter was with me and begged me for a $7 Hula Hoop. Instead of saying no, I bought it, plus I bought one for me! Ridiculous. So a $13 photo trip turned into a $29.00 waste of money. I am really not allowed to go to party city now--only $30 in the save pot now

No 4th of July goodies 6/29

June 29th, 2007 at 02:02 pm

I realized today that I hadn't gone to party City today to get any goodies for the 4th of July festivities on our block. I always say to myself each holiday, I'm just going to spend $10. Somehow I never seem to get out of that store for less than $60. So I promised to not go anywhere near that store this week. If I am sucessful, I will put the $60 I would have spent in my monthly savings account.

Savings 2007

June 29th, 2007 at 08:58 am

Currently our saving is at $30,000...this is mostly stocks.

In the past I have cashed in the stocks to pay off credit card debt, but the money never seems to get paid back and the credit card debt returns very quickly.

I need a good plan for saving each day or each week.

I think I should start by putting extra money each morning I get from my husband's pants pockets before I wash them and squirrel that away.